DevOlympics presents

Data Science Olympics 2023

Data Science Olympics 2023

join the largest online data science competition of 2023

join the largest online data science competition of 2023 and become the number 1 data scientist in the global community

data science olympics 2022
data science olympics 2023

compete in 2 languages

LIVE until 11.01.2024

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  1. This coding challenge is composed of 5 challenges.
  2. In order to SCORE in this challenge, you have only one chance. The good news is that the challenge is open to you for 4321 minutes once you hit “start”. Time is only 1 of 3 factors in the overall score.
  3. The person coding the highest SCORE in the shortest amount of TIME with the least LINES OF CODE will be ranked highest.
  4. Duplicate accounts cannot be created for this competition. In the SCORE only your 1st try at the challenge will count. Plagiarism and duplicate accounts are banned immediately.
  5. Submit your code before time is up. Your code is NOT submitted automatically. A partial score is always better than 0.
  6. Once a month we will publish anonymous data on the competition and the global ranking.

climb through the ranks

rank 1

ice breaker

By completing this stage you are now warmed up. The world lies below your feet. - so you think.

rank 2

butter finger

Now you are thirsty. 3 more challenges in 1 sitting? Remember you have 4321 minutes to complete it all!

rank 3

the coder awakens

Something tells you that completing the 3rd challenge does not neccessarily mean You reached 60% of this challenge...

rank 4


By completing Alpha, you are officially "Legendary". However, for the next and last challenge You will need more..

rank 5


You are a Data Scientist of focus, commitment, sheer will... And you know it. Now we know it too. Nuff said


solve the data science challenges in these languages

  1. R
  2. Python
  3. Python 3

get started

and code yourself to the top!

By submitting your information and competing in Data Science Olympics 2023 coding challenge you explicitly agree to the following Terms And Conditions.

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