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about "data science olympics 2023" & devolympics

DsOlympics is a year-long coding challenge competition and is a part of the DevOlympics Initiative.

DevOlympics and the  DevOlympics Software Developer Coding Challenges deliver high-quality content to over 20,000 software developers all across Europe & North America each day.

Derived from Online coding challenges across 89 IT job roles, DevOlympics offers companies a unique opportunity to engage with a well-segmented, active and curious community of software developers and IT professionals.

The DevOlympics Coding Challenges Family help amazing companies hire for these areas of specialization:

DevOps, AI/Machine Learning, Back-end, Data Science, Full-stack, IoT, Big Data, Front-end, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Serverless, Software Architecture, AR/MR/VR, Design, UX.

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